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Kerala is the second largest producer of coffee in India and produces 23 percent of the total coffee output in the country. Wayanad is located in the Western Ghats and produces 90 percent of the total coffee in the State. Majority of the farmers here belong to small holder category each and grow Robusta coffee.


Organic movement is very strong in Wayanad due to the efforts of our shareholding organisation namely, Wayanad Organic Agricultural Development Society (Organic Wayanad). Organic Wayanad has well established Internal Control System with 455 farmers certified organic and fairtrade. These farmers produce 100 MT organic and fairtrade certified green coffee. Wayanad Robusta coffee is famous for its neutral flavour. So it is suitable for blending with any Arabica for any geographical coffee blending.



Our farmers apply farm yard manure, vermi-compost, neem cake etc. regularly at the onset of South West Monsoon in June. Berry borer is a major pest of Robusta coffee and it is effectively managed by adopting integrated methods like clean harvest, use of mats during harvest to prevent gleanings (fallen cherries) and keeping traps in the farms. Shot hole borer is another pest found in Wayanad. Tracing infested branches and destroying them twice a year is done in organic farms to control this pest. Robusta is tolerant to many diseases and pests compared to Arabica.



Plucking is done when most of the berries are ripe. Sorting is done to segregate ripe berries and green berries.